Voter Fraud Evidence Found at Adult Care Facilities

Voter Fraud Evidence Found at Adult Care Facilities

Following a contentious election, Republicans and conservatives looking for voter fraud have been searching the register of deeds to determine how many dead people are still on the voter rolls. Those who are keen and meticulous on “winning at all costs” already know not to turn in an absentee ballot with a dead person’s signature. If Republicans are looking for proof, they should be looking elsewhere too, specifically adult care facilities.

Following an anonymous tip, Asheville Alliance looked up addresses of several adult care and mental health facilities in Buncombe County. The addresses were cross referenced with Buncombe County’s voter registration database provided by North Carolina’s Board of Elections. A cursory examination of the first five facilities led to one facility whose address matched over a dozen individuals that registered on the same day. Several ballots that were mailed from this facility arrived at Buncombe County Board of Elections, also on the same day. The individuals at this center are alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Since they are at this facility, and under the care of a designated mental treatment center, their fitness of mind is questionable; they are susceptible to coercion and manipulation. This facility preyed on their patients’ infirmities to commit voter fraud.

Voter registration records and the adult care facilities involved in the alleged fraud are currently under investigation. Names will be released when directed by lawyers working with North Carolina State Board of Elections.

3 thoughts on “Voter Fraud Evidence Found at Adult Care Facilities

  1. I worked in mental health for 15 years in WNC. First off adult or family care homes are not solely for those suffering from mental disabilities nor or they actually considered a “mental health facility” nor are residents of adult or family care homes required to be under the care of a mental health provider. Many people in these facilities are there due to physical disabilities. As a matter of fact, about 5 years ago it became much more difficult to place people with only mental health diagnosis in adult or family care homes. There’s no reason to think that the ACH did not transport residents to register to vote or had someone from an organization to come and register the residents onsite. These residents, as long as they meet federal requirements have every right to vote. While I’m not saying that fraud couldn’t exist, being that this article already has false and misleading information it really begs to ask if the author is being intentionally disingenuous.

  2. I work in a NH in Buncombe County and witnessed several of our residents that were brought outside to vote….they all had Alzheimers or Dementia…..most of them couldn’t tell you their name….about an hour after they voted I went around and asked them if and who they voted for and they said “no I didn’t vote or I don’t think I voted…..nor could they tell me who was running for the Presidency…..I have recordings of some of the conversations

  3. I oversee over several facilities, many with memory care units. These residents are vulnerable to manipulation. This does not surprise me at all. I have had residents ask me who they should vote for. They have no idea what to do and are easily influenced. I saw this coming and I have no doubt this is true.

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