The Vote: Law & Order vs Drugs & Needles

The Vote: Law & Order vs Drugs & Needles

The 2020 Election Cycle is upon us. Are you conflicted on whether you should vote? Even if you’re not convinced that Trump or Biden deserves your vote, there are other considerations that do have a direct impact on your quality of life and how you live in Buncombe County.

Undoubtedly, you have seen the graffiti and vandalism that has taken over downtown Asheville. Asheville City Mayor Esther Manheimer and city council members have been working against the Asheville City Manager Debra Campbell and Asheville Chief of Police David Zack to compromise the safety of Asheville. The Mayor and council members have not supported law enforcement in their mission to keep rioters out of the protests taking place downtown. Todd Williams, Asheville’s DA, has not done his job to prosecute the rioters, drug addicts, and larcenists. Criminals are served with a revolving door, released the very next day if they are not convicted of a violent crime. As a result, property crimes and drug overdoses have been climbing to unprecedented levels in Asheville and Buncombe County.

City Council members have also influenced and conspired with county chairman Brownie Newman and chairwoman Jasmine Beach Ferrara. Al Whitesides, Jasmine Beach Ferrara, Brownie Newman, and Amanda Edwards also conspired behind closed doors to introduce new policies for vote, not previously seen by Robert Pressley, Joe Belcher, or Anthony Penland. Latter council-members were barred from discussing policy changes or programs that would change the outcome of a vote.

Jasmine Beach Ferrara was responsible for giving addicts access to opioid substitutes while in jail. This article provides statistics on opioid ODs after inmate release, but it does not reveal that the program created a revolving door without any detox consequence for addicts. It also does not address any behavioral programs to treat inmates, giving them a long term solution.

The policies enacted and the environment created with lack of law enforcement have had in impact on how we do business. Many retail centers on Patton Avenue and in West Asheville keep their bathrooms locked. Transients panhandle at more street corners and look at any opportunity to steal from merchants and private vehicles to trade for drugs. Bicycles, trucks, and power tools are stolen from homes and garages almost daily.

Downtown Asheville businesses are closed or operating at low capacity because tourists are no longer interested in seeing the chaos, violence, and destruction left in the wake of city and county policy.

If you want to see change, if you want our leaders to restore peace, freedom, and order, vote for the county candidates below:

Glenda Weinert – District 1

Video Provided by Tamara Taylor Parker

Anthony Penland – District 2

Video Provided by Tamara Taylor Parker

Joe Belcher – District 3

I am running for my  second term as Buncombe County Commissioner in District 3. District 3 includes the communities of Arden, Biltmore, Bent Creek, Enka, Candler and Leicester, NC. I am asking for the support of my Republican, Independent and Democrat friends on November 8th.

I strongly believe that the combination of education and infrastructure are the building blocks for economic development and jobs. I will continue my support meeting the educational and recreational needs of our children of Buncombe County while protecting our majestic mountains and “mountain values”.

Robert Pressley – Commissioner Chairman

Video Provided by Tamara Taylor Parker

If the people of Buncombe County don’t vote for Anthony Penland, Glenda Weinert, Joe Belcher, and Robert Pressley, policy decisions made by the other four commissioners will continue to move the county in the wrong direction. Such policies will make it difficult to residents to defend their homes. Such policies will remove law enforcement and policing.

It’s time to take action. Vote. Vote for law & order. If you sit silent, prepare to defend yourself with kitchen knives and forks. The leaders we assign are in our hands. Learn more about county, state, and national candidates that support law & order at WNCFreedom2020.

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