Raphael Morales Runs for Hendersonville City Council

Raphael Morales Runs for Hendersonville City Council

Raphael Demetrius Morales recently announced he was running for a seat on Hendersonville City Council. His political campaign message hints at his real agenda and the small constituents that he speaks for.

Morales states he will address housing costs, economic opportunities, equity (racial justice) and sustainability (climate activism). This campaign platform is no different than the liberal agendas that plague Asheville and Buncombe County. Efforts to address these issues using the tools liberals avail themselves with, usually result in increased property taxes, stagnated economic mobility, and push more people below the poverty line. The fresh and creative solutions are the same attempts that are failing Buncombe County. Furthermore, Morales simultaneously argues against high housing cost, AND increased supply (over development).

The issues that residents should be more concerned with is how he will conduct himself once he is in office. When conducting a job interview, you ask questions to find red flags, as past performance is the best indicator of future job performance.

After moving from Miami, and before moving to Hendersonville, Morales lived in Asheville, NC, as evidenced in his voter registration.

Morales has been at the center of several controversies. APD arrested him for property damage in 2019 at Jonas Gerards former studio. The court acquitted Jonas Gerard of sexual misconduct allegations made by his employees. However, Morales and his associates still felt it was their duty to get social justice by destroying his paintings.

A second arrest of Morales for vandalism / destroying property near downtown.

Raphael Morales also goes by aliases “Boy Roca” and “Beaui Roca” on various social media platforms.

Asheville Police arrested Raphael Morales, 29, and Lazlo Redmond, 23, on January, 2020 at Jonas Gerards studio. Court convicted each of vandalizing additional artwork.

Vandals owe Jonas Gerard over $34,000, Buncombe court rules

Elizabeth Anne Brown | Asheville Citizen Times | Jan 7, 2020

ASHEVILLE – Two Buncombe County residents have been convicted of vandalizing property owned by local abstract artist Jonas Gerard. Court documents show both will owe Gerard a combined total of more than $34,000 in restitution fees. 

Raphael Demetrius Morales, 29, of Asheville, pleaded guilty to three counts of misdemeanor injury to personal property and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest. Police said Morales was responsible for the vandalism of Gerard’s installation in Asheville Regional Airport in early 2019, as well as damage to another painting at the end of a live performance by Gerard.

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Veronica Coit (aka Melissa Ray) celebrates her daughter and Raphael Morales criminal behavior on social media. Melissa Ray was also arrested for obstructing traffic and not yielding to law enforcement during Asheville riots. She is affiliated with local factions of Antifa terrorist cells.

Morales’ “boyfriend”, Lazlo, also a convicted criminal, proclaims to be a Satan worshiper. The second image below shows her tagline “Where chaos comes to breed and God comes to die”. Morales’ constituents celebrate these sentiments.

Here is Morales attending another demonstration. JIm Hook comment on Morales social media post suggest he was attending an antifa or anarchist event. The background reveals he is illegally blocking a highway.

In September 2020, antifa and BLM rioted to protest the verdict on the Breonna Taylor case. A local investigative journalist, Chad Nesbitt, from Skyline News covered the protest when he saw Morales standing next to the man who pushed a body guard into Chad Nesbitt, resulting in severe head trauma.

At the time this article was published, Raphael Morales was due back in court for a hearing to convict him of additional criminal charges that would lead to a jail sentence. He was been assigned a parole officer and was not permitted to leave the state.

A final warning to Hendersonville city residents. Be aware of who you elect to city council.

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  1. This article is so biased and one sided. You apparently pick and choose what your opinion is in stead of writing facts. By putting one sided pictures up with out facts is not only wrong but undesirable for readers. Your article is your opinion period and non factual. There is ZERO evidence that the picture with the black face shield is in fact whom you say it is. The Vampire Costume was during Halloween and you decided to take that part out of the post. I could go on and on, but this debate really isn’t worth the energy of moving past your opinion.

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