‘No Visitor Policy’ During the Plandemic

‘No Visitor Policy’ During the Plandemic

Hospitals and nursing homes have implemented a No Visitor Policy in the wake of the Chinese-created Covid-19 virus. This policy has prevented families from visiting sick and elderly. Even terminally ill patients on their deathbed are denied visits from their own family.

Mission Hospital is no exception. On Friday, Dec. 18, Mission Hospital implemented their ‘No Visitor’ policy. Mission elevated it’s visitor restrictions to Level 3. Visitors were no longer allowed into the hospital’s main building, the north tower, Cancer Center or St. Joseph’s.

Margaret Thomas was told she can no longer be with her husband Bill, a patient at Mission Hospital.

“I was speechless,” Thomas said, “And I went in the room and talked it over with him and tried to make him understand that he wouldn’t see me again because the hospital was keeping visitors out. He looked at me and said, ‘Why?’ and I said, ‘Because of COVID’, and he said, ‘Oh no.’

“I didn’t say much else to him because I didn’t want to upset him, but it upset me very much,” Thomas said.

She said it’s a harsh reality for many families across the U.S., and it could have been prevented.

“When they are in the hospital and when they are helpless,” she continued. “My husband is helpless.”

The Push for Change

There is hope. A non-profit advocacy group called Medical Patient Modesty is pushing to change the ‘No Visitor’ policy. Medical Patient Modesty (MPM) advocates for allowing patients to have access to family and friends-they represent the patient’s exclusive interests. MPM also asserts that technology cannot substitute for in-person interaction, and does not prevent patient abuse, especially in elderly care facilities. No Visitor policies influence patients to delay needed medical care. These policies prevent family members from advising staff of allergies and medical conditions when the patient is not alert.

Adult patients may be traumatized when they cannot have a loved one with them as they recover. Patients who are forced to recover alone may end up with PTSD and avoid medical care in the future that could even cost their lives.

Learn more here: Medical Patient Modesty.

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