Man on Drugs Wields Knife in Front of West Asheville Home

Man on Drugs Wields Knife in Front of West Asheville Home

The mother of a 7 year old son arrived home after taking her son to school on Feb 10, 2021. Upon arriving home, she finds her porch furniture rearranged. The doorbell camera footage from 7:45am that morning revealed a disturbing scene. A man was bobbing back and forth, barely able to keep his balance. He tips over the porch chair, and a few minutes later he reveals a knife. After stumbling off the porch with just his socks on, Loflin leaves the scene.

The individual was identified by other residents through a neighborhood watch group on social media. Loflin was just released from Mission Hospital after completing detox. He was placed in detox for erratic and disturbing behavior. No prior arrests of Loflin are on record for 2021.

This event highlights the drug epidemic that has risen in Asheville over the past 4 years. Events related to drug intoxication are increasingly prevalent in West Asheville near the 600 block of Haywood Rd. Steady Collective hosts a mobile needle exchange every Tuesday in front of Firestorm Bookstore. The bookstore is also adjacent to Rainbow Community School. When asked about the organization’s treatment programs at a community meeting in 2019, Hillary Brown, the operator of the exchange, said the program does not require a one-for-one needle exchange and she doesn’t encourage rehab or treatment programs.

The net effect of the needle programs have exacerbated drug use and drug related crimes in the area. Pictures of needles dropped around Asheville have been posted on

The repercussions of the needle exchanges and the drug epidemic have been investigated by Skyline News.

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