Great Start to 2021 and Donald Trump

Great Start to 2021 and Donald Trump

According to Elephants for Africa, elephants can produce over 320 pounds of dung each day. There aren’t many land animals that can compete with an elephant. However, MSM has taken the not-so-coveted first place the last four years. Democrats and liberals also concede that CNN, ABC, and NBC favor the leftist and liberal talking points and go silent when confronted with any positive information on the current POTUS.

To those who understand how MSM control the narrative, it comes to no surprise that they did not report on the testimony presented by data scientists that confirm the Nov 2020 election was stolen.

In Episode 1238, Scott Adams discusses his distrust of “scientific experts” and “gov’t intelligence”. At the end of his vlog, he touches on the investigation into Georgia’s election fraud. Programmers and data analysts obtained and dissected computer logs to look at ballot aggregations across precincts. The vote flipping was not seen before because ballot tallies aggregated across multiple precincts within one county would offset the vote flipping inside a single precinct.

Scott Adams: Episode 1238: “Looks Like Computer Nerds Found the ‘Kraken’ – Looks Like Trump Won”

Part 1 and Part 2 are the videos of testimony provided by data analysts during the GA hearing. The votes flipped exceed the number of votes needed by Trump to win GA. Part 2 states that the entire process of tallying votes is automated. Memory chips from counting machines are collected and transferred to central locations by police escort. The counts from the memory chips are aggregated at central locations and presented on cable news sites.

In the Kentucky gubernatorial election, human error was [suspiciously] cited as the cause of the vote flipping that resulted in the democrat victory. However, human error cannot be cited as the source of votes flipped in the GA election. At the time of publication of this article, political pundits and “experts” have not come forward with any explanation debunking this testimony.

Legislators in US Congress and Senate need to see the evidence as it raises suspicion on election integrity in every state. The evidence is enough to decertify elections in each of the other disputed states.

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