Frame Capture of White House 1/24/2021

Frame Capture of White House 1/24/2021

The video below provides the full context of the frame sequence below it. The frameset includes 2:24 to 2:44 of the video.

Each frame is displayed for 1/5″. Hover over the image to pause the slide show. Within the first 50 frames, 4 smaller statured individuals follow a larger statured individual out the back entrance. The camera zooms out before any more can be seen.

Front Portico during Daytime
The guards at the north portico give the doors a frame of reference. The doors do not have a custom height.

The glass doors look to be standard height and are much shorter than the windows that flank on each side. Standard door height is 80″ (6’8″).

Pixel locations for floor, person, and door elevations as identified by Microsoft Paint

The door height is 80″. It’s height in pixels is 259 – 161 = 98 (257 was just above the floor elevation). 98px / 80″ = 1.225 px / inch. The height of the first individual is 259 – 182 = 77px, or 63″ (5’3″). The other individuals following the first individual were much shorter in stature, suggesting they may have been children.

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