Firestorm, defundavlpd:  Take a seat and stop pushing the false narrative.

Firestorm, defundavlpd: Take a seat and stop pushing the false narrative.

Anarchists and BLM organizers fail to mention the context in which police used deadly force to apprehend suspects that they protest for. The liberal media helps them paint their false narrative by posting news stories before the facts reveal the complete picture. Further, these media outlets repeat these narratives over and over, raising criminals to martyrdom.

Breonna Taylor’s death was an unfortunate circumstance of the dredges of society she kept company with. The full context of the encounter with police follows.

Fernandez Bowman was found dead in the car rented by Breonna Taylor. Fernandez was the brother of a criminal who had been arrested with Jamarcus Glover on multiple occasions. Jamarcus Glover was Breonna’s recent boyfriend, but he was at the “trap” on the night of the shooting. It was Kenneth Walker holding the gun on the night Louisville PD went to Breonna Taylor’s house to ask questions about the dead body.

  • Question: How would one feel approaching the accomplice (Breonna Taylor) of a suspected murderer (Jamarcus Glover)


Breonna Taylor provided Louisville Police with a contact phone number that was used by Taylor many times when contacting Glover in Jail. Breonna Taylor also paid bond to get Glover out of jail on more than one occasion.

  • Question: If Breonna is innocent of any criminal activity, when she learned Glover was a violent criminal drug dealer, why didn’t she leave?

On 12/31/2019, Louisville Police did a sweep over several blocks of the city following increased violent crime in that area. After a security camera was installed, 01/02/2020 Jamarcus Glover was seen exiting the PASSENGER side of a white Chevy Impala, the same car registered to Breonna Taylor. He was arrested on 01/03/2020.

From the phone conversations between Breonna Taylor and Jamarcus Glover on 01/03/2020, it is inferred his criminal activity was the cause of her anxiety issues.

On 03/13/2020, Jamarcus Glover had his cell phone seized (executed search warrant) after crack cocaine, fentynal, cash and guns were seized from the vacant adjacent property. An electric bill alerted the police to Adrian Walker’s involvement.

On the same day, law enforcement executed a search warrant on Breonna Taylor. When they arrived, they knocked on the door, said “police”. Brionna was walking down the hallway to ask who was at the door. After several seconds of no response, law enforcement started kicking the door in. This is when Kenneth Walker fired a shot.

In a subsequent conversation Jamarcus had with Kiera Bradley at 1:07pm (his daughter’s mother), Jamarcus says: “I’m hurt my name gettin called about Bre’s death… This nigga (Kenneth Walker) in jail… this nigga got Bre dead.”

On a phone call at 5:20pm, Adrian Walker tells Jamarcus that Breonna’s Dodge Charger was seen several times in front of the “trap”. That was why police went after her house.

Jamarcus: “I’m hurt my name gettin called about Bre’s death… This nigga (Kenneth Walker) in jail… this nigga got Bre dead.


The first hand accounts even demonstrate that the blame lands squarely somewhere between Jamarcus’ drug dealing and Kenneth Walker firing his gun and hitting a police officer in the leg. The gun that was readily present in Walker’s hands raises questions on why he would need it in his hands at 12am if he wasn’t a criminal.

Antifa/BLM Asheville Riot on 9/23/2020

On Wednesday afternoon, defundavlpd called for a demonstration downtown in front of Buncombe County Courthouse. Most of the demonstrators were local, but several out-of-town agitators were also present in the chanting and screaming heard around downtown.

The dirt and manure was used to fill a coffin that was left at the steps of the Asheville Police Department. Some speculate it was a voodoo spell cast by the local Antifa protagonists wishing for officers to die. Defundavlpd and firestormcoop both endorsed these theatrics after firestorm denied any wrongdoing or involvement in a previous protest calling for disruption of businesses.

The chanting and screaming continued until 10:30pm. But before the night was over, Chad Nesbitt, a local journalist that works for Skyline News was knocked into a parking meter and injured. A rioter at the demonstration had shoved one of the journalist’s bodyguards backwards. He tumbled into Chad as he was recording the demonstration, and caused him to fall. Noted in the video multiple times, agitators in the crowd were trying to surround and assault Nesbitt. Other journalists such as those from WLOS had already been threatened to stay away.

Chad Nesbitt was taken to a hospital where credible threats were made that he would be attacked in the hospital. APD responded with multiple police officers stationed near the entrances. At the time this article was written, he was in surgery receiving sutures for his head injury.

Many followers of Skyline News have denounced the violence and the threats being made by BLM and Antifa activists. Dee Williams, a local black rights activist also denounced the actions taken by the rioters.

This demonstration, the theatrics, and the violence that followed were in remembrance of a black woman who BLM and Antifa claimed died at the hands of police officers in Louisville, KY. The media pushed the same narrative over and over again to agitate the populace. On 9/23/2020, a detective’s research, the court documents, and the grand jury verdict confirmed that the officers were innocent – just as officers in George Floyd’s case, and many others.

The demonstration on 9/23/2020 targeting the police and injuring Chad Nesbitt was unprovoked and without cause.

Following Chad’s injury many local Antifa agitators continued to celebrate on social media. The following post was from Derek Faria. Ben Halls callous comments showed little restraint for Chad Nesbitt, who taken to ER in an ambulance.

The following were comments posted on Asheville Quarantine 2000 facebook group while Chad Nesbitt was taken to the ER for treatment.

The following individual was in close proximity to Chad Nesbitt and his bodyguard. APD is asking for any information concerning his whereabouts and identity. He may have direct knowledge of or was directly involved with Chad Nesbitt’s injury.

Eye witnesses indicate Raphael Demetrius Morales was the antagonist that pushed the bodyguard causing life threatening injuries to Chad Nesbitt.

The following was a still shot taken from Chad Nesbitt’s video on the night he was injured.

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