Final Straw Radio accidentally exposes AAR, Torch, Antifa

Final Straw Radio accidentally exposes AAR, Torch, Antifa

A radio interview aired by Final Straw Radio on October 16, 2016 with Mary Elizabeth Shrom dispels many assertions made on liberal and left leaning social media. Groups supporting antifa and anarchist riots in downtown Asheville repeatedly argue that rioters don’t receive financial support, the ‘protestors are non-violent, licensed professionals staff their ‘medic stations’, antifa is just an idea, and that protestors stand against racism. Most importantly, the radio interview exposes Antifa and it’s “movement” to use racism as a cover to stop opposing viewpoints.

Mary Elizabeth Shrom shows us what Antifa and other SJW groups are really doing in her interview. Let’s take a look..


The left has completely diluted the definition of racism to apply the label to anything they deem oppressive. Liberal outlets claim that working hard to earn a living is a white man’s virtue, therefore racist. One online outlet goes even further to suggest sleep is racist. Hard working Americans should prepare to be harrassed, doxxed, and labeled racists for the virtues that they espouse.

Shrom declares that her group is against racism (of course), fascism, ableism, capitalism, colonialism. She and her group dox individuals and groups that are racist. With the broad definition of ‘racist’ adopted by the left, her group will dox anyone who resists assimilating to their agenda. If her group can’t classify her opponents as capitalists (gentrifiers), or ableists (anyone who works), her group labels them racists. In their most recent claims, working is racist. Shrom is not out to stop racism. She and her group are out to lynch her political enemies. If she represents the real antifa “idea”, then leftist social media groups lost the argument that antifa is anti-racist. Score: 0 – 1.

Shrom admits that she and her group are active in clandestine activities behind closed doors. Her group anonymously seeds public groups and individuals with libelous propaganda. Shrom also states that she and her group are responsible for funding protests and counter-protests (food, transportation, and lodging), another contradiction of a leftist social media assertion.

At the fund-raising event, Mary Elizabeth Shrom announced a training session to show people how to operate at medic station. Anyone would question the validity of conflating one-hour of first aid training with professional education. Kids pretending to play doctor operated the majority of these ‘medic stations’. Social media assertions: 0 – 3.

The necessity of a medic station invokes more inquiry. Why should a non-violent movement need medics? Why should they expect to treat individuals for tear gas? Even if ‘accidental exposure’ was the answer to these questions, why would street medics be instructed on police weapons? The only logical conclusion is that their intent is to stir up chaos and riots. (See here).

In their latest posts, mainstream news broadcasters and social media groups adamantly insist that antifa is just an idea. If this were true, there would be no reason for dissolving ARA to have Torch Antifa “rise from it’s ashes”. If antifa is just an idea, Shrom wouldn’t need to identify Antifa International, or Anti-Fascist Prisoner Support. It’s fair to conclude antifa in it’s various forms is just as much an idea as is the KKK. Massive decentralization is the advantage these groups have. Leftist social media assertions, final score: 0 – 5.

Continue below to listen to Mary Elizabeth Shrom’s radio show. A full transcript is provided following the radio interview.

Mary Elizabeth Shrom on Final Straw Radio

Mary Elizabeth Shrom Interview Transcript

Host: First here is an announcement from Asheville Anti-racism.
Host 2: Can you tell folks who you’re affiliated with and what sort of work y’all do?

Shrom: First of all, we would like to thank you for taking the time to talk with us. We think y’all are great. Well that’s a short question with a long answer. Asheville Anti-Racism is a group of folk that are trying to battle everyday racism as well systematic white supremacy upheld by the state. We support many struggles and our name does not really cover that. The name Asheville anti-racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, capitalism, colonialism does have a more accurate description but it’s a bit long and even then it’s missing a few things we stand against.

AAR seeks to fill a void in this area when it comes to anti-racist work. By staying out of the spotlight we have the ability to leak information on hate groups and organizers without compromising the safety of our members.

We have and will continue to doxx white nationalist recruiters and kkk members locally and nationally. They want to hide but we expose them for the
racists they are. Once the information is out the community does most of the work. We also show up and sometimes organize protests and support many causes, we are just one part of the struggle for true equality.

We are our own group but we work with Torch Antifa which rose from the ashes of ARA, as well as Antifa International which does Anti-
Fascist Prisoner Support.

We also stand in solidarity with black lives matter, a movement that is very important right now and for the future, we raise money to support travel expenses to and from regional actions and offset the printing costs of flyers, pamphlets and stickers. We also help raise money for antifa international
prisoner defense fund.

Host: So is the benefit concert organized tonight for Sunday the 17th of 2016. Can you tell us about it?

Shrom: We’re very excited about tonight’s benefit at the Odditorium in West Asheville. Not only is there going to be a show, we’re also holding a free street medic training workshop at 5pm. This will cover action preps, situational awareness, police weapons, and treating pepper spray or gas and after action detox. Food Net Bombs will be there serving food afterwards, then we get to rock out. Our online show starts with all local bands starring Otarg (sp?), Weakrest (sp?), Comfort Creature, and Pleasant. We will be tabling so come get your anti-racist gear and literature to support us.

Oh, and you can also have tons of fun because we have a pinball table.

Host: And this concert is to help prep for the upcoming counter-demonstration right? What’s the deal with Stone Mountain Georgia?

Shrom: The donations we get from the show are going to be funding people to counterprotest the openly white power march of Stone Mountain GA. The people organizing and attending the event Rock Stone Mountain are known KKK members, neo-nazis, and hodge podge of white supremacists that don’t get out much. We intent to camp out the night before and disrupt their plans the next day. We’re working with local organizers and expect to see a large counter protest to this white power event. Stone Mountain is a historic site for the KKK.

This is not the first time they’ve done this. But it is getting a lot more attention than previous events because it had Billy Roper’s name attached to it. Roper was at one point leader of Aryan Nations but was then booted out and formed his own clan which also failed. Billy is still at his same old games and actually backed out of claiming involvement with what looks like a losing battle before it begins. This is only seven weeks after being the media spokesperson for the event.

Host: Why do you think it’s important to show up to counter clan related camping in this largely symbolic venue and event?

Shrom: The absence of opposition would imply consent to a white supremacist march of Stone Mountain, which was the birthplace of the 2nd era of the KKK. This is not speculation, this is fact. Almost everybody that plans on attending the white power march is a Trump supporter. The fact that Trump is doing so well in the polls show a serious problem with racism in our country today. We need to expose, oppose, and educate.

Host: And what could people planning to attend expect to experience do you think?

Shrom: Cops. Lots of Cops. The park feels that they are legally obligated
to allow this march so they called in more police.

The second thing to expect is a quite a bit of confusion and some disorder. First off, there will be a counter protest that will also be carrying confederate flags. This group claims “Heritage, not hate” stance on the confederate flag. Third there’s going to be a bunch of counter protestors in what is usually a family friendly park. Really, who knows what is going to happen.

Host: Someone who wants to engage at Stone Mountain, what would you suggest are good ways to plug-in, where can folks find out more info and how can they keep up on things of AAR are organizing towards

Shrom: We’re working with all out ATL and suggest people look into that group if they’re not in the Asheville Area. If you wanted to attend from the local area, hit us up online at, or come to the show tonight for more information on the counter protest and the campout. We have a secure camp location motorcade and free food for everyone who wants to contact us.

Host: Thanks for chatting.

Shrom: Thanks for having us on, and keep up
the great work.

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