Death of Walter Wallace: 1 Fact You Need to Know

Death of Walter Wallace: 1 Fact You Need to Know

Criminal Past

Walter Wallace was a violent criminal. His own actions led to his death. In 2013, criminal court convicted Wallace of punching a police officer in the face and resisting arrest. During the same year, his own mother filed a protective order against him, which he violated when he threw water in her face and punched her in the face. In 2016, Wallace was convicted of kicking down the door to a woman’s home and holding a gun to her head. In 2019, he kicked the windows and doors of a patrol car. Wallace also rapped about killing police officers. There were 31 phone calls since May at his address in Philadelphia, PA.

Shooting on October 26th

On Monday, October 26th, officers had visited Wallace’s residence twice earlier in the day. On the third incident, Walter Wallace chased after two police officers weilding a knife with intent to kill. In the following picture, Wallace was within a 20 foot striking distance, and a deadly threat to both police officers.


Witnesses confirmed that an officer told Wallace to put the knife down more than once. Police officers shot fourteen bullets at Wallace as he ran at them with the knife.

Wallace Family Reaction

A source told media outlets that Wallace’s mother begged the officers not to shoot. Family members claim he was suffering from a bipolar disorder. He left behind eight children, with another on the way from his wife of 1 year. Anthony Fitzhugh, Wallace’s cousin, told NBC his family is “never going to be the same again. They actually sat and watched their son literally get murdered.”

BLM Activist Outcry and Rioting

Statements published by the media stoked the flames of outrage by woke leftists and BLM activists in Philadelphia. Monday and Tuesday nights, rioters shattered storefront display windows and looted retail shops. Looters carried out TVs, electronics, and shoes. Rioters broke into Aarons, Walmart, and Footlocker among other stores that they targeted in Port Richmond. Rioters also set fires in the middle of the streets.

By morning, one officer was hospitalized with a broken leg after being hit by a pickup truck. Close to 30 other officers suffered minor injuries from having rocks and other projectiles hurled at them.

Law enforcement apprehended 10 people on Monday night near 55th and Pine Street for possible charges of assaulting police or rioting. Law enforcement arrested twenty people in relation to looting at various stores in West Philadelphia, University City, Overbrook Park, and Center City.

Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf has called the National Guard to get control of the looting. Wednesday night, the city issued a 9pm curfew. Police insisted residents not to be out amid the riots.

Asheville Riots

The Instagram account of CarolinaWorkers confirms “demonstrations” in Raleigh for the coming weekend.

Two sources witnessed an increased influx of older vans and busses loaded down with camping gear on Monday evening. If the usual suspects in Asheville stay true to form, we will expect a riot to break out on Friday, October 30th. We will follow up with sources when Sunrise Asheville, Down Home, or Asheville Solidarity have posted a response to the shooting.

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