Beloved? Asheville

Beloved? Asheville

As of the publication of this post, Brownie Newman and Democrat commissioners voted to further destroy local businesses by limiting gatherings and restaurant occupancy. Asheville city council and mayor Esther Manheimer have been issuing edicts since March 2020 to shutter businesses permanently. They defunded the police, were involved in ending the drug enforcement task force, and withheld judgement on antifa and rioters that destroyed storefronts in downtown, and vilified APD. As local businesses lost business, residents of Asheville lost jobs. Hospitality workers were desperate to find a way to pay for food and rent. Beloved Asheville usurped the opportunity to get everyone hooked on a taste of socialism.

Is Beloved Asheville doing God’s work?

Beloved Asheville conflates their efforts with the Christian faith. They also claimed illegal immigrants entering this country are the same as Jesus because these immigrants are fleeing violence and persecution from their native country.

The truth about our southern border is that the overwhelming majority of children crossing the border did not arrive with their biological parents. It is also known that without metered naturalization, the country risks losing it’s identity to foreigners. We’ve seen this happen in urban European centers. The influx of muslims in Switzerland and Germany have created geographical zones unsafe for it’s own citizens.

Beloved Asheville claims it wants to protect babies, but has not once uttered anything pro-life, or protecting babies in the womb on their social media page. It is left to speculation that any pro-life statements on their page will be scorned.

Deviant Behavior toward Children

Earlier in 2020 amidst the Covid pandemic, Beloved Asheville joined with Beer City Sisters to collect supplies for children. Beer City Sisters is another 501c3 organization whose members are cross dressing drag queens. Beloved Asheville determined there was no issue in exposing impressionable minds to deviant behavior.

While the Beer City Sisters were collecting supplies, they anointed visitors with a toilet brush. In the video below, the “sisters” visually assaulted young children with their undergarments and lower body parts.

Camping Supplies, for the Homeless?

Amy Cantrell and Adrienne Sigmon post events on social media to gain favor of Asheville residents. According to the filings with NC Secretary of State, Crissy Stewart is the treasurer. The three run Beloved Asheville together. Asheville Police Dept arrested two members of Beloved Asheville for vandalizing historical markers on August 2017 in downtown.

Source: WLOS. From L to R: Hillary Brown, Amy Cantrell, Adrienne Sigmon, Nicole Townsend

Sigmon frequently live-streams videos as she drives around city limits with a truck full of brand new back packs, sleeping bags, and tents. These wares are brand name, donated from retailers like REI. Those earning a modest income find it hard to afford.

Adrienne Sigmon (left) with camping gear (donated and purchased)

Beloved Asheville and their crew leave this brand new camping gear and food at drop off locations around Buncombe County. These drop off locations are frequently adjacent to the bus stops. Noteable drop off points are Arden, Biltmore Park, West Asheville, and Leicester.

Street Pantry at Red Diamond, West Asheville

Street dwellers litter the areas around the street pantries with garbage. These pantries only promote a wreckless nomadic lifestyle. They are strategically located at or near bus stops because Esther Manheimer and the city council recently gave addicts free access. Crime has escalated along these bus routes. Residents of Biltmore Park report vehicle break-ins when it was never an issue 2 years ago. Majority of interstate exit ramps have pan handlers. Transients and street dwellers use social media to invite others to join the Appalachian homeless mecca.

Beloved Asheville distributes the type of tents seen here. Transients and drug addicts abandon these donated items, leaving a mess for the city to clean up.

Beloved Asheville is a on course to destroy the city by attracting transients and addicts from outside the state. These addicts will infest well-to-do neighborhoods, breaking into homes and cars (as they are doing in West Asheville). Their aim is to degentrify Asheville. They are social engineering the city.

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