Asheville Citizen Times Smear Campaign on Madison Cawthorn

Asheville Citizen Times Smear Campaign on Madison Cawthorn

Asheville Citizen Times tried hard to smear Cawthorn by claiming he lied about his acceptance into the Naval Academy and blamed it on his injury. Cawthorn emphasized once again that he had ANTICIPATED acceptance into the Academy. He never claimed that he WAS ACCEPTED.

CNN struck out next. CNN cried “foul ball” as it (and Moe Davis) took a statement out of context and alleged Cawthorn to be a Nazi sympathizer because he visited Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest.

If you’re not convinced Asheville Citizen Times is everything but balanced news, the next assassination attempt the left leaning publication took out on Madison should be pretty convincing.

But first lets back up a bit. You remember Christine Blasey Ford? Her name is quickly fading, but the smear campaign the Democrats put together to ruin Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation is still vividly clear in our minds. The narrative the Democrats pushed on Christine Blasey Ford was devoid of factual accuracy. Moreover, even if Ford DID know Kavanaugh and they had a relationship, everyone could see through the emotional fakery. Why did the democrats use misogyny to attack Kavanaugh? Because this type of lie is most effective at disparaging a Christian man… an attack on his principals and his fidelity to his faith.

Now fast forward to August 20, 2020. The accusation is another form of mysogyny, the accuser(s) are women who DATED Cawthorn after his accident. The accusers claimed that a 19 year old boy tried to KISS them. Let’s review that again: A 19 year old boy tried to kiss a girl. With all the gratuitous under-aged sex in pop media that is consumed by the left, why was an attempted kiss so alarming? Second, a simple kiss would not have been a violation of his Christian principles on courtship. Third, why did she wait until NOW to file the allegation? So she can help the Democrats derail his campaign? And last, while Cawthorn and his accusers don’t dispute the facts (“a kiss was attempted”), the emotional trauma these women claim is highly suspect. If a pass at a kiss by Madison was soo off-putting I’m afraid that the masculine millennial male population has no chance at courting a woman. The feigned emotional trauma is so exaggerated even Christine Ford has to be blushing of embarrassment.

Shame on ACT. How deep did they reach in their pockets to procure this “Steele Dossier”?

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  1. I vote across party lines and I have seen how the ACT is now being run by the militant BLM & Antifa. Stop buying the ACT, this insult of a NEWSpaper, until they start reporting news without bias.

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