Antifa and Anarchists at the Patriot Rally

Antifa and Anarchists at the Patriot Rally

The mainstream media has been busy burying the evidence and calling out Trump supporters and conservatives for being the instigators of violence at a peaceful protest demonstrating their free speech in front of the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

To summarize, the debate on the presidential election electoral vote count was interrupted when individuals broke glass windows, and a group of people breached the Capitol Building. The rioters made their way to the auditorium and several offices. House and Senate members were evacuated to safety.

Japanese independent journalist reviewed cell phone video before it was deleted and found several discrepancies. Most notably, she pointed out two rioters that were effective in agitating Trump supporters in the crowd.

“Professor Zhaung Zhou’s Crooked Yet SteadFast Tree” on Twitter provides his observations of the riot. His assessment matches closely to the Analysis provided above.

Act 1: watch as a “crazy” guy appears from behind the secure part of the Capitol from behind police lines : Inserted –

Act 2: Fargo Hat over Maga hat Pirelli top, previously crazy man gets given a Kevlar helmet to bash in windows .. (videographer also gets to the front by telling people he has a knife) –

Act 3: Ashli Babbitt shot: our Fargo pirelli Hat guy talks to and and gets permission to walk past the arriving police :: gets behind their tactical line into their tactically cleared space. –

Act 4: Change Disguise: The Fargo hat Pirelli guy having been allowed to safe space landing behind 6/7heavily armed police manages to change his gear and pack it in a bag .. behind police who aren’t looking on there six . (And leather coat lady notices) –

The obvious question is why weren’t reinforcements called in? The blame lies with house democrats making the calls. The police chief cited Pelosi and McConnell behind the decision to leave them in a dangerous predicament. One would question if they intentionally allowed the riot to frame Trump and his supporters.

Many of the accounts of Trump supporters resemble this one. These attendees did not espouse the violence of the rioters that breached the Capitol. This eye-witness account claims that Capital City Police let protestors up the steps (and into the Capitol Building).

My friend, who was there with me, wrote this account from 1-6-2021, from Washington, DC… What I write below is not as long as it looks. And it already got removed once by Fakebook. This time w/o pics. Maybe won’t squawk on their radar as much. It’s my account of what I saw and concluded from my perspective. I am shell shocked at what has happened to us. As for Jan 6th, while Trump says there’s going to be a big announcement coming about a new media platform his people will be launching, and says “our voices will not be silenced,” I’m saying I just don’t know anymore. He urged MAGA to come to DC amid what turned out to be extremely difficult, with hardship and resistance from DC to do so in every imaginable way possible. But we came anyway. Then in his speech at the White House on the 6th he said “we are all going to march to the Capitol and I’m coming with you.” We did as he asked. We all marched down Constitution Ave to Pennsylvania Ave to Capitol Hill. It was to demonstrate and occupy the grounds at the Capitol while the joint session was supposed to have been conducted. After much thought during a long drive home, I sadly realize we marched into what was undoubtedly a staged trap. When I arrived at Capitol Hill, being about in the middle of the nearly million marchers, I witnessed no direction. There was no receiving party nor delegation. No coordination for MAGA. No leadership. No barricades. No signs. Just confusion about where to go or what to do. No P.A. system nor crowd control nor even riot control presence from law enforcement. No direction at all. Just MAGA marchers left alone to march over there and up the hill with randomly placed, frenzy-whipping guys with bullhorns already there constantly shouting to nearly a million people coming in waves to “keep pushing forward”. “Make room for more”. “You’ve come this far, all this way.” “Now is your time.” “Press forward.” I’m not gonna lie. They induced in me visions of Mel Gibson charging up the hill with the 13 colonies, Betsy Ross flag in the movie “The Patriot.” I asked others and many concurred the same kind of internal welling up of Patriotic emotion and spirit. And I’m not ever going to be ashamed of that. Honestly we are at that point again. America, land of the free home of the brave, has officially returned to being just an idea again. When I started up the hill, at 1st the loud concussive booms up on the Capitol balcony were thought by me and most to be ceremonial canons or fireworks. Then the teargas started to trickle into our mouths, noses, and eyes and we realized those aren’t fireworks, rather they were flashbang grenades. Then we saw commotion. But then the very few Capitol police up there disappeared. Then people started to ascend up onto the balcony levels. From my vantage point it appeared they were allowed to go up there now, like we had somehow proven the right to be there and the authorities had acquiesced to that right. After all, it is the people’s house. Seems to be just fine whenever the radical left wants to occupy government buildings. So we thought it was a victory for our peaceful protest to be able to stand outside on the balcony. People began to go on up there, even elderly folks with canes. I saw some with toy dogs under their arms. These were peaceful people, albeit angry about our stolen election. But it was all one big setup. A coordinated and staged trap with Antifa placed there intentionally to bait MAGA. I’m still scratching my head about it. I’m still in disbelief how we, MAGA, were used to create the final fake media-narrative, photo-opportunity false flag… to do MAGA in. A fake narrative that Senator Kelly Loeffler would conveniently use to turncoat on her promise to object to certification in less than 24 hours from making that promise. Wow. We got played like the DC Philharmonic, with about a dozen DC-style kicks to the groin and another dozen DC-style sucker punches to the mouth during those cold, wet, long, and exhausting 2 days we set aside to be there. Then we left out at the crack of totalitarian curfew. Ever heard of a 6pm-6am curfew? Did any of the BLM/Antifa riots with burning buildings get a 6pm curfew? Our nation’s capital and our media made us Trump supporters out to be like criminals fleeing the DC border or something. When we left nothing had changed. The ruling class, DC elite, traitors to their oaths and our Constitution, all still roam that town and the rest of our land freely and continue to select our leaders for us. It’s a disgusting, deceitful DC swamp, and it ruled the day again. So so very tired of this. We are being pushed to the brink. That is for sure. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ He also took this picture, attached.

Here is the testimony of an Asheville resident. MSM accounts confirm the delay in Trumps speech:

He [Trump] was an hour late and then after his speech he kept stalling us…saying the same stump speech phrases over and over keeping us there…I said 10 times…he is stalling us…wonder why…keeping us away. It turns out [Trump was keeping us away] from the breach of the capitol.

Trump took the podium an hour late and concluded his speech AFTER the Capitol was breached. Trump and his supporters were still at the ellipse at the time of the break in.

Time will tell if MSM will participate in real journalism to analyse the footage and reveal the truth.

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